Corporate And Commercial Law

Gürpınar Law Firm provides legal services in the field of corporate and commercial law at all stages from the establishment of the company to the liquidation phase. Each company has its own commercial goals, company’s policies and in this regard our firm provides a particular service to each client according to its specific requirements.

Our primary objective is to ensure the compliance of the company’s activities with the relevant legislation by the most practical and cost-efficient way.

In this context, including but not limited to, some of the services we offer are following:

  • Establishment of a legal corporation, capital increases and reductions, mergers and divisions of companies, amendments in articles of association, preparation of general assembly and board documents, fulfillments of registration and announcement transactions,
  • Examining the compliance of the companies with the legislation they are subject to, especially the Turkish Commercial Code, reporting incomplete matters and needs to the company; providing relevant legal support throughout the integration process, and in -company training,
  • Preparing the decisions of the board of directors such as daily management, distribution of signing powers; the preparation of the necessary documents for the general assembly and the shareholders’ meetings, and the organisation of the meetings,
  • Informing the company about legislative amendments and current case-law contemporaneously subject to the company and preparation of monthly legal bulletins, conducting negotiations with the managers regarding the needs of the company with the new legal institutions,
  • Establishment of the contact office,
  • Preparing, revising and negotiating all kinds of contracts that the company needs in its commercial activities,
  • Preparation of Joint Venture contracts,
  • In case of the share purchase of another company, the legal examination of the company. In case the share purchase decision is made, preparation of the MoU, confidentiality, share purchase agreement, general board and board decisions, negotiation with the counter party,
  • The rights of shareholders, the preparation of shareholder agreements, preparing of all contracts related to Corporate Law,
  • Institutionalization of family businesses, preparing family constitutions
  • With regards to capital markets legislation, informing clients and performing procedures. Representing clients in all kinds of disputes and lawsuits related to the Corporate Law, including cancellation of board resolutions, the termination of the company, squeeze-outs and exits of shareholders, distributions of dividends

Gurpinar Law Firm has distinguished experience in preparation of all kinds of detailed commercial law contracts, giving advisory services, in providing legal support in the other matters of commercial law such as security, unfair competition, agent.  In addition, our firm has expert knowledge especially on actions for annulment of the objection, lawsuits arising from contracts of work, service agreements, insurance law, purchase and sale and restitution and negative declaratory cases.

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