• 10 Soruda Evlilik Nedeniyle İşten Ayrılma ve Kıdem Tazminatı

    1475 sayılı İş Kanunu 14. maddesi uyarınca kadın işçiler, evlendikten sonra bir yıl içerisinde iş sözleşmelerini feshetmeleri durumunda diğer şartların da mevcut olması halinde kıdem tazminatına hak kazanmaktadırlar. Bu konuda en çok karşılaşılan 10 soru ve cevapları için.. Click for pdf


  • The Best Company Types in Turkey to Start a Business: Limited Liability Companies and Joint Stock Companies

    The Best Company Types in Turkey to Start a Business: Difference Between Limited Liability Companies and Joint Stock Companies in Turkey

    In terms of entrepreneurs who want to embark on Turkish commercial life, the first question that comes to mind is what the company type should be. The types of companies available in our country are as follows: Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, Cooperative Company, Collective Company, Commandite Company. Joint Stock Company (“JSC”) and Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) are the most popular types of companies in Turkey because there are benefits like tax advantages and limited liability of the shareholders. Click for pdf


  • Acquiring Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

    Becoming a citizen of another country may require long years of residency and legal procedures. However, there is another trending way of being a citizen of another nation; individuals can acquire second citizenship extremely quickly in exchange for an investment. Turkey is one of the few countries who has softened its immigration investment program. In this immigration investment program, acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is the most popular path. Click for pdf


  • Ensuring In-Company Peace: the Right to Squeeze-Out

    Squeeze-Out Right in TurkeyIn joint-stock companies, where management is in the hands of the majority shareholder, there may be conflicts of interest between the majority and the minority, which lead to the depreciation of the company. To ensure internal peace, Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102 (“TCC”)  also grants rights to the majority shareholders while protecting minority rights. The most effective method in case of abusing minority rights is the right to squeeze-out regulated under the TCC 208.  The right to squeeze-out of the minority serves to ensure internal peace of mind and the formation of strong companies. Click for pdf


  • Protection Of Personel Data - Handbook

    personal data protection in turkeyConvention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data was signed by the Council of Europe on 28 January 1981 and signed by Turkey in order to protect personal data in all member countries under the same standards and to establish cross-border data flow policies. In this context, Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (Law) dated March 24, 2016 was issued and entered into force on 7 April 2016. This article gives an legal overview of the Personal Data Protection in TurkeyClick for pdf


  • Latest Amendments on Concordatum

    concardatum in turkeyWith the Law on Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and Amendments on Some Laws No. 7101 published in the Official Gazette dated 15.03.2018 numbered 30361 the bankruptcy postponement institution was abolished and the concordatum institution was revised. This article gives an overview of current amendments have been made in the concordatum institution. Click for pdf