Enforcement & Insolvency Law

Our Law Firm is expertise to follow up enforcement proceedings for or against our corporate and individual clients as well as asset management companies and banks’ collective execution files. We provide  starting executive proceedings, contacting with debtor, asset research, receive commitment of the debt, sequestration, judicial sale, collection and also representing clients in the actions for annulment of objections, cancellation of seizure, cancellation of the tender cases, regular reports to corporate clients, fast and effective finalization of the periodical works.

In Bankruptcy (Insolvency) Law, the conduct of insolvency and concordatum proceedings, making bankruptcy records, creditors meetings, bankruptcy, liquidation, redemption, legal support for the restructuring process are given services by us. With our profound experiences and knowledge in the lawsuits for bankruptcy and suspension of bankruptcy, we provide effective legal services in the institution of concordatum, which has come into effect after abolishing the institution of suspension of bankruptcy.

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